Operation theatre complex

  • Four operating rooms for major surgeries.
  • One minor operating room for small procedures and infected cases.
  • Automatic operating tables.
  • Individual anesthetic machines with ventilators for each operating room.
  • Multipara monitors, central oxygen and suction supply.
  • Post-operative ICU attached to the OT complex.

Urology and Nephrology

  • Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) for treatment of stones without surgery.
  • C arm image intensifier (2 in no.) for performing imaging during surgery.
  • Ureterorenoscopes for removing ureteric stones.
  • Karl storz three chip camera for laparoscopic urological surgeries.
  • Holmium Yag laser for laser surgery of prostate.
  • Facilities for renal transplant.
  • Eleven hemodialysis machines with systems exclusive for Hbs AG positive patients.

General and laparoscopic surgery

  • State of the art three chip laparoscopic camera from Karl Storz.
  • Bipolar vessel sealing device for performing advanced laparoscopic surgery.
  • High end Allen electrocautery machine.
  • High definition monitor.
  • Diode laser for performing endovenous treatment for varicose veins.
  • Ultrasonic vessel sealing device for advanced laparoscopy.

Trauma and orthopedic

  •  14 Ambulances stationed at various outreach points.
  • Casualty with six beds equipped with monitors, central oxygen supply.
  • Orthopedic operating table.
  • Two C arm image intensifier for on table assessment of surgery.
  • All types of implants and plates.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Joint replacement facility.
  • Arthroscopic surgery.

Ophthalmology and ENT

  • Operating microscopes with Karl Zeiss lens.
  • Microdebrider for ENT surgery.
  • Three chip Karl Storz camera for endoscopic surgery.
  • Diode laser for cancer of larynx.
  • Bipolar vessel sealer.
  • Facilities for corneal transplant.


Gynecology and pediatrics

  • Dedicated labour rooms (two) for conducting deliveries.
  • Birth suits to need all the needs of mother and child.
  • Neonatal ICU (NICU) with pediatric ventilators, baby warmers, Phototherapy units.
  • Operating theatre for caesarian sections with all facilities.
  • Neo natal CPAP machine.
  • Multi para monitors.

Intensive care Units

  • Six bedded post-operative ICU
  • Four bedded cardiac care unit.
  • Four bedded medical ICU unit.
  • Experienced staff with over ten years’ experience in each ICU.
  • Ventillators (11) with central oxygen and suction supply.
  • Multi para monitors to each ICU bed.